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The lantern hangs eave, couplet affixes lanai. During the Spring Festival, the reporter闵行推油娱乐推荐 comes to countryside of new camp of county of Ningxia 上海指压飞机店2019Xi Ji Chenyang plain vi上海干磨gmllage. “Come in look at look at, Lao of the Lao in house! ” 5 gr魔都桑拿论坛oups Yang Guobao lifts thick cotton drape, pulling a reporter to visit oneself kitchen. You! All sorts of melon and fruit, vegetable and bovine hotpot, placed one ground. “Too poor before, spend the New Year child send a few sugar, a dumpling eats first pretty good. ” Yang Guobao is saying to show one face simper, “Took off deficient now, pass so that have taste! ”   sees the guest comes in, aunt enthusiasm greets the busy She Gui Lan that prepares lunch, “Children people taking child to come back, have farmhouse warm chafing dish midday, beef, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, bean curd, vegetable 10 will plant, be tasted together! ” between conversation, 34 child child, angle is fighting noisely to be 上海外围微信 上海外围经纪人微信gotten into the kitchen, another flatus ground runnings in the courtyard. Sit to central room, charcoal baked wheaten cake gets boiling hot of iron furnace stage, not big sitting room is cleared away neatly neat, melon seeds, candied, oily sweet filled up with tea table. See, this living conditions returns good. Of the person of the same trade be stationed in a village to help defici上海油压店2018ent cadre Zhen Jiming up to introduce, some closer year, around ” neither anxious 3 safeguard ” the target that take off deficient, ningxia carried out a country danger kiln dangerous house is transformed and the 上海莞式桑拿会所 上海足浴桑拿会所spacountry waters safe project is enclothed completely, with Home Yang Guobao, of Xi Ji 30 thousand build archives to establish calorie of poverty door to live m上海娱乐水磨休闲会所ore went up safe and capacious bridal chamber, every family drinks the tap water that went up to be at ease completely. Entire 2019 county takes off deficient break the ranks 18 villages, reduce impoverished population twenty-two thousand one hundred person, poor occurence rate by 2014 34% dropped 0.95% . “This year the income in the ground how ah? ”     ” past like a swarm of bees is planted tomato patch, the market is not stable, encounter difference year, do not sell on v上海闵行区附近spaalence. Grain of Xi Qin, carrot, small impurities is planted now on some, still established cooperation, the price is stable, come to wrap close. Cultivate land still can become rich really Lie. ” Yang Guobao breaks a finger to calculating, tomato patch 1 jin of 5 wool 5, 10 mus sold 20 thousand much, price of Xi Qin, carrot still goes, gross income is no problem 30 thousand yuan. Auspicious county is located in Ningxia south on the west a mountainous area hinterland, entire county 238 impoverished villages, 22% what occupy Ningxia, it is country and municipality of the assault fortified positions that take off deficie上海水磨全套会所nt advocate position. Here hill big channel is deep, rely on a day to have a meal, kind the only alternative that became local farmer for a time tomato patch. “Entire 2019 county consolidates promotion industry helps deficient up, integrated experience farming capital 380 million, cultivate, small to potato, grass food grains other than wheat and rice, characteristic grows 30 respects such as course of study undertook giving aid to, cover entire county all building archives establishs card door. Whole village of Chenyang plain village 7089 mus of farmland, planted 1100 mus only tomato patch 2019, small impurities grain, vegetable, corn, careless cultivate all sorts of many mus 1000. ” Zhen Jiming says, chenyang plain village took off deficient break the ranks last year 71 253 people, 3 when remain 7 people, take off deficient to be no problem entirely this year. “Still what difficulty is done not have? ”     ” our country person, one is to be上海龙凤419 able to bear hardships, one is ambitious, whose home cannot take off deficient, go out to blush. Have policy, the side is helped up, the key is him diligent bit. The other requirement that do not have what, hope good policy continuance goes down namely. ” Yang Guobao says. ” People’s Daily ” (editor-in-charge: Niu Yong, Yue Hongbin) recommend read construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to st上海杨浦区桑拿水会ride solid footstep   to build division of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, it is Xi Jinping’s secretary-general personally plan, personally the deploy, country strategy that urges personally, it is new era prompts the new move that forms comprehensive and open new structure, also be to drive ” one nation ” the new practice that the enterprise develops. This year on阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 会员验证 Feburary 18, ” compendium of program of development of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” announce formally, indicate the strategy enters this one major nation to carry out level in the round. [detailed] open western new structure | Process of development of long triangle 上海全场水磨100分钟不限次unifinication presses ” quicken key ” | Protect new kinetic energy of one Jiang Shuipeng Pai to forging in order to design together ” innovation ” key   ” innovation is the first motive force that leads development ” . Today, our innovation domain and mode are unprec上海宝山干磨水磨会所edented

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