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This afternoon, 2020 ” Chunyi is abundant ” the Spring Festival is literary spot of a person of academic or artistic distinction of 100 calligraphy of congress of spring festival scrol闵行绿银绿ktv是荤场吗ls of the 3rd Shanghai and Shanghai writes fine time series spring festival scrolls sees the New Year in the activity is in home of fishing of fishing village of golden hill area the bay is held. Shanghai spring the United Nations General Assembly was met 2020 by area of golden hill of Shanghai of union of group of Shanghai literature art, the Communist Party of China appoint propagandist department is sponsorred, wen Lianyi art promotes bureau of brigade of article of area of society of couplet hung on the columns of a hall of Shanghai calligrapher association, Shanghai, golden hill, Shanghai couplet of article of area of center, golden hill undertakes, association of calligrapher of area of house of culture of golden hill area, golden hill assist do. 100 year head, the Spring Festival is the traditional happy festival time with the grandest the Chinese nation, in of long standing and well established in accumulated content rich, inside information is solid ” year culture ” . As ” year culture ” delegate, write spring festival scrolls, stick spring festival scrolls, it is the carrier with place desire of common people happiness the mainest, also become common上海闵行交大附近全套水磨 people accordingly most the section of love to see and hear is celebrated consuetudinary. Instantly, below the participation of all circles calligrapher, “Belt deputy spring festival scrolls comes home spend the New Year ” , already became the masses that Hui Minju arrange facilitates expects a culture, already culture of Cheng Yanchun couplet, let masses appreciate the beauty of calligraphy again, act of this culture Huimin is undoubted kill two birds with one stone. 2018 ” congress of first Shanghai spring festival scrolls ” gymnasium of Hua Dong Normal University of optional location Shanghai, 100 calligrapher wear outfit of red the Tang Dynasty, carry a pen to上海 莞式水磨会所 wield one’s writing brush together, write spring festival scrolls, build a strong ceremonial sense, in full-court audience and network the collective testimony of online audience falls, experience distinctive calligraphy art how to be an organic whole with be in harmony of distinctive上海荤场出台价格 culture of spring festival scrolls together. 2019, “Congress of spring festival scrolls of the 2nd Shanghai ” in Yang Pu center of area international vogue kicks off grandly, 2020, “Congress of spring festival scrolls of the 3rd Shanghai ” came to fishing village of golden hill mouth as agreed upon, big Ga of literary bound a person of academic or artistic distinction hand in hand golden hill common people and personage of all circles of long triangle area are fond of together greet the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, will with the Spring Festival the other activity of fine time set together, for adopy tradition上海澳京国际桑拿关了 culture, promote traditional folk-custom to provide stage, jieqingwen leads the new fashion that change in new era. Before congress of spring festival scrolls of the 3rd Shanghai continued two advocate fundamental key, change culture of spring festival scrolls and book French organic confluence, shirt-sleeve proof couplet, learn couplet, write couplet, send couplet and much stage show the item, the culture connotation of thorough illuminate spring festival scrolls and the beauty with artistic calligraphy. Regard spring festival scrolls of the 3rd Shanghai as the component of congress, “Geng Zihe spring ” after asking for couplet activity to be released from advertisement, get global couplet hung on the columns of a hall上海南美水疗收费 is answered ardently of bound friend, get many 2200 writer in all nearly 6000 pairs of work, 5718 pairs when accord with the requirement that ask for couplet among them. The author distributings pervade all province city outside dividing Tibet, Taiwan, Macao and Qinghai. The age is 90 the biggest years old, the age is 7 the smallest years old. After the commissioner that learns an organization via Shanghai couplet hung on the columns of a hall can be evaluated fair show, final and selected 96 pairs of spring festival scrolls. Differ with general mobile spot, enter spot of congress of spring festival scrolls, the font in font is had the handwritten form of temperature is replaced, this also gives the art of Shanghai article couplet that offers design of whole journey advertisement for this second activity to promoted a center to bring a challenge, each word must pass cut plan processing, but the result that presents finally is very perfect. “Congress of Shanghai spring festival scrolls ” 6 big character are be上海90分钟全套包括啥come from word of the collect in work of Mi 上海450干磨Fei calligraphy of calligrapher of Northen Song Dynasty, check of 100 calligrapher dinner and answering question of contest of spot spring festival scrolls look Huang Xianzhi writes graduate student of major of calligraphy of Normal University of all You Huadong. In program link, calligraphy element also is revealed adequately. Wei of 上海虹口世纪桑拿会所价格king of adviser of Shanghai calligrapher association is smooth with advocate artistic group is this second acti上海会所招聘少爷vity to be displayed technically together on wonderful program ” too extremely with calligraphy ” . “Yi Youtai extremely, it is to give birth to two appearance, two appearance give birth to 4 elephants, 4 elephants give birth to the Eight Diagrams. ” ” too extremely path ” it is already ” path ” . The audience is admired at the same time too extremely sword and shadowboxing performance, admire Wang Wei to make the same score calligraphy of teacher big character at the same time ” path ” , content and formal height agree, amid of Chinese traditional culture is able to show adequately. There is in hill pond village 爱上海后花园龙凤论坛only then the hill pond bridge that is built at trend of clear generation, north and south, the northern part of the bridge is village of pond of hill of the town below corridor of area of Shanghai golden hill, city of Zhejiang province smooth lake is south wide Chen Zhenshan pond village. Adjacent of photograph of district of pond of hill of north and south, popularity dates. In recent years, two ground cooperation is closer and closer. Two villages are built in the party, the cooperation that the domain such as scene, industry, culture, service expands in coordination had deepen further, formed shirt-sleeve, difference, compleme最近上海油压店都关门ntary mode. Plenary meeting of this second spring festi上海徐汇区洗浴有全套val scrolls is special the village secretary of a Party or League branch that invited pond of hill of north and south and villager delegate are accepted together give couplet, in all word the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day. Begin beats lion show, hit teams of 3 Lin Long lion to be brought jointly by Chinese dragon ” flourishing age dragon is vacated ” , program end, in bicephalous lion mouth brush together brush spit a pair of spring festival scrolls, the first line of a couplet on a scroll is ” ground of much treasure of an alien land ” , the second line of a couplet is ” it is golden hill here ” . This is society of Shanghai couplet hung on the columns of a hall the work that Yang Xianguo chairman is collect folk songs of this congress of second spring festival scrolls technically to create, fourth Shen Yang 桑拿 徐汇 新华路of chairman of Shanghai calligrapher association阿拉爱上海ai010xyz creates this couplet calligraphy work, give government of people of golden hill division. Give couplet link, unripe, Xuan Jiaxin, Xu Qinghua, Chao Yukui, Pan Shan aids Zhang Wei of vice-chairman of association of fourth Shen Yang of chairman of Shanghai calligrapher association, Shanghai calligrapher, Zhang Suo, Tian Wenhui, . ” orchid booth foreword ” the place that is Xi of king of emperor of book of period of Chinese the Eastern Jin dynasty makes an essay, its book is made have ” the world group book ” beautiful praise. Han Liping of associate professor of Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Hua Dong Normal University adapts original work colloquial article, by famous dub artist Liu Feng is read aloud, seven-stringed Chinese zither, xiao accompanies, in setting ” Lan Ting foreword ” divine dragon this with bright generation draw of place of painter money ” Lan Ting repairs Xi to pursue ” the picture spreads out slowly. The audience seems passed through period of advance of the Kingdom of Wei, the setting of the assembly waiting for a person that comes to Wang Xi, the life of listen respectfully author plaints, grand occasion is seldom, ” long short along with change, eventually period at using up ” . The Bei when the happy event when the author, article also therewith emotive change becomes by calm agitate, turn by agitate again for calm, extremely use up with one climax following another, emphatic beauty. The beauty of calligraphy, beauty of reading, beauty of picture scroll, the beauty of seven-stringed Chinese zither and xiao sound, whole program it may be said each beauty its beauty, beautiful beauty and in all. Plenary session of spring festival scrolls is final part, 100 calligrapher of Shanghai are golden hill area lover of 100 pupil calligraphy is man-to-man set an example, write spring festival scrolls the 300 more than right, word that write blessing more than 500, promote the activity to climax. 100 calligrapher still prepared 800 pairs of spring festival scrolls for the audience ahead of schedule, spot audience is obtained each give get a spring festival scrolls and blessing word, full-court is permeated with the festive atmosphere of culture of rich calligraphy spring festival scrolls and festival of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day. To let more cannot arrive the friend of spot view and emulate can appreciate the elegant demeanour of congress of spring festival scrolls of the 3rd Shanghai, the activity undertook network direct seeding.

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