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The old brand home that founds 18 years installs enterprise fact to achieve a group to be immer上海荤场联系人sed in an unprecedented trustful crisis. From the solid on December 8 house that achieve the home adornment group Shanghai decorates inn of limited company door to close suddenly after close down, t上海水磨会所1001上海水磨会所he message that hearsay fact achieves a group to disband circulates on the net, at present this company debt already crossed 100 million yuan, involve owner, for goods square personnel of square, constructi上海水磨会所攻略on overtakes 500 people. It is dimension authority owner at the same time tall to be suspected of canal runs road, cash shedding ruptures, be suspected of bilk phenomenon ” layer upon layer disclose ” , it is group high level at the same time be patted oneself and assure what often give out in gregarious network repeatedly, what is the truth after all? 4 days阿拉爱上海同城对碰论坛 are lain between when, yesterday afternoon, be passed ” disappear ” the company is in charge of Pan Liang high to show detachment of detect of classics of substation of body Pudong public security formerly. Delimit first key — the response when   Pan Liang is accepting a reporter to interview: 1. The public is put in misunderstanding to the company, shanghai company is not run the road closes, however asset recombines, can run to the report the relevant personnel of the road is chased after duty. Encountered provisionality problem besides Shanghai company at present outside, it is normal that the company of other area all is run. 2. The cash of the company sheds difficult position is the blind dilate before resulting from, 2 it is the document of relevant environmental protection that will publish this year in August, caused big effect to project consign,上海夜场排名 百度知道 send a gu闵行南美水疗都有什么est to accuse the volume rises q上海后花园论坛千花网uickly, affected normal business, then embroil cash flows. 3. The project that company Beijing headquarters already will establish to hold the post of a group leader by group CEO Sun Wei on December 11 deals with group, undertake handling to this one 上海金山桑拿论坛incident, later period can return money entirely still. 4. It is its Beijing parent company to there is the bank running water of Shanghai company to show before this, the person that thought fors the time being oppugns two companies common t上海南美水疗油压he doubt of a financial system, general manager Pan Liang expresses him is only ” professional handler, not clear to financial standing ” . In addition, to the content that concern阿拉爱上海社区论坛s with company finance affairs, pan Liang all did not disclose. On December 12 afternoon, shanghai of group of adornment of the solid house that achi上海松江水磨的场子eve the home decorates limited company (next weighing that Shanghai fact starts a company) general manager Pan Liang comes to detachment of detect of classics of substation of Pudong public security, with square meeting of partial owner, supplier, construction, discuss compensatory matt上海419论坛 官网ers concerned. The person that counterpoise according to participation dimension discloses, pan Liang agrees in the spot at this Zhou Si general the solution hands in Pudong classics detect上海干磨会所, say ” 10 days of problems that solve Shanghai ” . Subsequently the reporter calls Pan Liang, he states Shanghai company is undertaking asset recombine, later period can return money entirely still, hope public ” give a company a bit time ” . To Pan Liang’s response, the person that thought fors the time bei阿拉爱上海预警区ng group the great majority in supports wait-and-see attitude, say ” should see real operation ability be valid ” . Come from owner up to now, for goods square and construction involves money just to exceed 100 million yuan, be equivalent to its parent company fact starts a group nearly double of embellish of total 2010 annual interest. Solid achieve ” banner ” fell? Solid achie上海桑拿会所论坛ve adornment to held water 1999, decorate association vice-pr阿拉爱上海重口味esident unit for Chinese building materials. Public data shows, solid 2011 achieve obtain two famous investment orgnaizations of domestic to note endowment, be闵行区 水磨 干磨 2019gin to countrywide dilate, opened 28 straight battalion 3 years to interlink a firm, chain company spreads all ov杨浦区spaer north to go up wide reach city of each provincial capital. Pan Liang is belonged to solid start a group ” heavyweight ” character, ceng Ren fact starts inspector general of Department of Commerce of electron of adornment group whole nation one duty, yi Youwen chapter points out its are solid achieve group CEO Sun Wei ” confidential ” . Electronic business affairs is solid start a group in recent years business emphasis, t上海油压服务论坛he report says, 2014 to solid 2016 achieve a group to be in day cat home 3 years to install kind of eye to obtain year to sell champion continuously. Nevertheless, from its subsidiary Shanghai fact a闵行区按摩chieves company doubt to be like ” run road ” after incident exposure, store of the flagship on the network that once created day cat for many times to sell a record already cannot be searched now. Pan Liang yesterday appear to each owner He Weiquan owner is having trifling and special sense, press the word of an owner, at least ” saw a gleam of hope ” . Square delegate of a construction says, pan Liang already was this ” 2 degrees ” take up the post of Shanghai fact to achieve a company to be in charge of high. This year in October, pan Liang held the position of company by a definite date the general manager of a month,

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