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Yangpu bank river: Tarry industry involuntary discharge of urine puts industrial history involuntary discharge of urine is the biggest characteristic of Yangpu bank river, when undertaking character promotes, the historical culture connotation with tarry vestigial industry is job of a key. In Yang Pu big bridge with on the west of 2.8 kilometers south Duan Bin river is coastal, distributinging move always installs the 3 part such as storehouse of hemp of sugar storehouse of inn, Ming Hua, wool in all the history of thirty-four thousand six hundred square metre protects a building. According to the program, they are withheld to come down one by one, build from上海水磨会所攻略 Dong Xiangxi ” landing stage of works of the grave of zoology, water, double a depressed place hears flute ” wait for 94 landscape node. The interval on the dock before field of former Shanghai fish market is distributinging a certain number of sunken mouths, it is the berth place of original fisher. Putting to involuntary discharge of urine of this place history when undertaking character promotes, stylist is filled not simply bury sunken mouth, however clothe meshy iron plate, people stands in board on can see current of crural lower reaches of the Changjiang River passes. Setting sun time, the sculpture that with the report on dock上海高级桑拿会所费用 fisher worker works hands in photogra上海kb松江大学城最近桑拿会所会所 上海飞机按摩kbph reflect, set off is worn the boat with distinctive modelling flower nursery, if copy reproduces scene of former times day show. Along Yang Pubin river all the way south below, a street lamp is orderly and outspread to distance. These street lamp all are made with useless old self-invited hose, stylist is in new setup in lamp holder 4 canals, can send out in the evening the light that gives bits and pieces. Pass through for convenient citizen, stylist in on any account joint of two office commercial and transportation center is built have trouble-free ramp, copy the 闵行区南美水疗model of spin car, build ” cotton mill corridor is worn ” . People passes through from ramp corridor is worn up before row, be just as pass through spatio-temporal, return the big industry times that spin machine with a buzz makes sound. Xuhui bank river: “Ran dak ” shined     spreads all over the Xu上海油压店哪里漂亮便宜 Huibin river with vestigial industry li上海满天星是荤场吗kewise, this month Chuying comes first ideal service centers. The full glass structure that this area amounts to 170 square metre is located in dragon art gallery (on the west bank house) around, the auspicious cloud that the exterior builds as compose of a glass, service of Wu of conduct propaganda of activity of in-house gather art, ticket, ask ask, emergency treatment, have a rest, read, reveal wait for a functio嘉定新城附近荤场n at an organic whole. Meet early in Shanghai world rich during, xuhui bank river is as long as first paragraphs the communal and open space of 3.3 kilometers already appeared, become Shanghai’s famousest ran famous scenic spot nowadays. 7 years past, this builds paragraph also finished last a period of time the character promotion of 6 months, open space adds edge river newly flowers and plants of tree of trade of 328 nursery stock of landscape of 118 individual plant, ginkgo, 6600 more than square metre, and make a city forest, multidimensional the afforest that spends laid. Run to night a group of things with common features the 2.5 kilometers that bring ca松江区有水磨的地方吗refree ran experience bank water runwa水磨石墙面怎么施工y also upgrades in the round, by more environmental protection, comfortable chromatic bitumen road surface replaces original road surface. In track along the road, xuhui bank river adds post of 3 place ran newly, can offer shower, change clothes, check to the citizen, water wait for form a complete set to serve. Dak optional location considers integratedly to draw near division of office of residential area, business affairs, let dweller, white-collar, tourist share open space to build achievement. In day sunshine the stream of people such as bridge of harbor bridge, Long Hua harbor is concentrated passageway, development of Xuhui bank river built Fang Xian group to install two to confuse your container, these two are provided alone bank of river industry style ” on the west bank case ” will serve as confuse your service center, offer for the citizen ask ask, public security police box, lash-up, medicines a上海水磨的场子价格nd chemical上海足浴桑拿会所推荐 reagents, wheelchair, automat and umbrella, charge treasure is rented wait for a variety of services, still have the environmental protection project such as carefe turn one’s head, future will be in communal and open space rolls out Xu Huibin river in the round. H上海贵族宝贝燕春楼uangpu bank river: Jiang Gen of Hua青浦水疗ng Pubin of 3 4 garden occupies one embassy the overall planning design of project of be well versed in and oneself characteristic, the sports ground that gains an area newly to amount to 64 thousand square metre. The sports facilities that上海有花头的女性spa按摩 plans 上海闵行虹莘路spaat present basically has ” one house, 3 path, 4 garden ” . Among them, “One house ” namely ping-pong museum, in Long Huadong road with knack of north, bureau with south, the museum of金山异性spa international ping-pong federation that on 1 layer, ground of an underground 3 build to the south of Lu Ban road and Chinese ping-pong museum, total floor area will amount to ten thousand four hundred square metre, th上海水磨服务图片e floor area on the ground is 7915 square metre. “4 garden ” namely garden of world rich sports, annulu松江悦泉spa会所怎么样s slippery garden, football gard上海宝山洗浴按摩全套en and basketball garden. “3

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