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2019 year, shanghai shares the positive result of great science and technology that 52 take the lead or collaboration achieves to have the honor上海南汇桑拿水磨会所 to win award of national science and technology, 16.9% what hold sum total of countrywide bear the palm, successive 4 years scale of bear the palm exceeds 15% , successive 18 years scale of bear the palm exceeds 10% . In project of 52 bear the palm, shanghai takes the lead finish 26, 50% what occupy gross of project of Shanghai bear the palm. Be planted from award and look on grade of bear the palm, highlight innovation ” height ” and ” difficulty ” advanced course award more. In project of 52 bear the palm, special grade award 1, first prize 7, second-class award 42. Among them, shanghai takes the lead have the honor to win award of special grade of award of progress of national science and technology 1, this was 2002 since Shanghai leading project wins special grade award first. Look from condition of the course domain, unit that finish, person that finish, shanghai still shows relatively integrated innovation actual strength, the college takes the lead much b嘉定新开的水疗ut enterprise especially civilian look forward to shares enthusiasm more rising, cross area to grow innovation of trigonometry unifinication high level to cooperate to become normal state increasingly especially. Specific in light of, achievement of bear the palm has the following characteristic: Forward position of focusing world science and technology, sex of the look up before emerge in large numbers gives a batch, academic sex achieves positive result formerly 2019, shanghai wins award of 8 countries science, it is to win measure of national science award one year most in recent years, and all take the lead for Shanghai, achievement of bear the palm involves maths, physics and science of astronomical, chemical, biology, foundation medicine, material 6 course domain. For instance, fudan University Shang Shanjian finishs independently ” random control and nonlinear the mathematical theory project of filter wave ” win national science award second-class award. 1976, the existence uniqueness of the solution that famo2019上海水磨us mathematician Bismut offers to swing to random Riccati equation commonly is the linear Kalman 2 best pilot lays a foundation of the key that result promotion of the gender goes to to control a system randomly, the public problem that has challenge sex extremely, but old did not obtain solve. Shang Shanjian teachs additional monarch to path, resolve its crucial difficulty finally thoroughly, obtained sex of foundat夜上海论坛新地址ion of random control domain and revolutionary research positive result, obtained international to study scholastic height is evaluated first-rate. This is close come to Shanghai 10 years win award of science of mathematical domain country first, also was 2019 the project of completes exclusively independently by one person bear the palm in project of Shanghai all bear the palm. For instance, wide article of Cao of the 2nd Military Medical University chairs the the Chinese People’s Liberation Army ” evolution of second liver virus and immune heredity produce item of developing new mechanism in liver cell cancer ” , built the model that can forecast HCC 6 years ahead of schedule; The person that discovery is carried to Gao Wei HBV undertakes disease-resistant poison treats 1-5 year can make HCC incidence of a disease drops 78% , can reduce the recrudesce after the art of HBV relevant HCC significantly, make survival rate rose 4 years 82% . Accord with the actual demand with the most pressing domain of our country communal sanitation. This project wins national science award second-class award. Focusing serves national strategy, concentrated force quantity captures technology of key of a batch of core on one hand, exert oneself pushs the field such as construction of spaceflight, national defence and national security major task, build the main platform that serves national strategy. On the other hand, from beginning to end the country significant demand is put in the first place, exert oneself solu上海外卖工作室水磨tion restricts economic society progress and thing to close the ” of national security to block neck ” problem definitely, master the active power that compete and expands. For inst上海水磨会所哪家最好ance, shanghai hands in old allergic idea to chair ” the technology of cloud computation key that faces service of mutation peak value and system ” . What can one second do? The data processing that can create 87 million times, can produce 544 thousand order for goods. This group comes from last year 上海ktv荤场一览day cat double the 11 peak value data during are the world VISA of organization of the biggest credit card trades 8 times of peak value, achieve record of world of database peak value again. Arrive from platform businessman, arrive again from content sheddi星月菩提干磨水磨区别ng client, offer for the user ” arrange like silk slippery ” shopping experience, having Shanghai to hand in the wisdom that teachs allergic meaning group greatly. The cloud computation technology that serves research and development in the light of choppy peak value, uniCom of Rangalibaba, China, small gain, China is cruel of postal, actor, hungry wait, carried the instant to soare hundredfold is thousandfold even trade quantity flood peak. Domain of focusing society the people’s livelihood, achievement of a batch of high levels is propping up the play on civilization of social progress, zoology and life h普陀好的spaealth innovation of more remarkable action science and阿拉爱上海验证 technology pays close attention to common people ” basic necessities of life ” , aim to raise common people living standard. The respect emerge in large numbers such as sanitation of the life health that the public pays close attention to generally, medical treatment and environmental protection a large number of outstanding achievement. These achievement own own intellectual property, healthy to ensuring common people, convenient the respect such as development of harmony of common people life, stimulative city made important contribution. Project of bear the palm of domain of Shanghai life health is most 2019, share 11 projects bear the palm, involve project of medicaments and internal medicine and fundamental medicine, precaution medicine, biology medicine, surgery and ear bazoo guttural jaw and Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine many course. For instance, by the university that be the same as aid Zhou Caicun takes the lead, the hospital that combines area of Xi’an, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Jiangsu or company finish jointly ” lung cancer essence allows key of diagnosis and treatment technical research and promotion application project ” , successful research and development gives thing of mark of two kinds of auxiliary diagnostic elements, can calculate diagnostic positive of inchoate lung cancer the value from 69.0% rise to 95.0% . Lung cancer is the malignant tumor with our country incidence of a disease and highest mortality, created 宝山罗店有水疗馆吗huge economy and social burden, this project wins award of progress of national science and technology second-class award. For instance, zhou Pinggong of accessary Zhongshan hospital chairs Fudan University ” inside lens is small ac个人上门水磨拉丝hieve those who treat system of esophagus disease technology to found with promotion project ” , from get used to card patulous, complication prevents and cure and systematic research is begun on prognostic evaluation, found inside lens is small start 闵行凯悦spa会所system of technology of remedial esophagus disease, replace surgical operation to become accord with to add up to those who get used to treatment of card esophagus sickness ” golden standard ” . Esophagus disease browbeats badly the mankind is healthy, our country needs the new hair case of illness that the o上海后花园爱上海peration treats every year to exceed 300 thousand. Traditional and surgical operation is traumatic big, complication quality of much, life drops badly, and inside lens is 长宁区荤场small achieve scar small, restore quality of fast, life to rise apparently, but suffer esophagus to be in charge of tubal antrum narrow, tube wall is humble etc anatomize characteristic limitation, difficulty big, risk is high. Zhou Pinggong group is aimed at this clinical and crucial question, in global initiate multinomial inside lens new technology, win award of progress of national science and technology second-class award. Shanghai was in 2019 advanced course award go up with national science award achieved new breakthrough, in national technology science and technology of invention award, country progresses there is stronger competition ability continuously on award of collaboration of award and science and technology of international of People’s Republic of China, the family that develops a Shanghai already achieves plan source ability to promote continuously, also reflect the energy that gives this Shanghai city to open innovation.

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