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On January 15, 15 3 second conferences hold Shanghai National People’s Congress, shanghai mayor Ying Yong makes governmental working report to congress on behalf of Shanghai government. Society of 2019 Shanghai economy develops how, through working report of a group of governments medium data comes look. 1. Economy grows smoothly continuously. Below the circumstance that increases in high cardinal number and pressure of economic be issued to lower levels, total output value predicts whole town grow 6% above. 2. In large-scale decrease duty to f上海后花园交友论坛all cost amount exceeds 202.2 billion yuan, the circumstance of 11 pe宝山上影spa厅好不好rcent issues amplitude of influence place income, the place is general and public bu阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 9koodgetary receipts grows 0.8% . 3. Add obtain employment post newly 589 thousand, the town unemployment rate that register is 3.6% , unemployment rate of predicting town investigation is 4.3% . Dweller consumption rises in price 2.5% . 4. Economy grows new kinetic energy to increase continuously. Defray of funds of whole society research and development is equivalent to whole town the scale of total output value is achieved 4% , every 10 thousand population invent patent to have a quantity to raise 53.5. 5. Condition of new industry, new job, new pattern maintains rapidder growth, production value of new energy industry grows 15% , internet bu最近上海油压店都关门siness income grows 30% above. 6. Average every weekday is new register a business 1476, grow 12% . 7. Economic structure is optimized continuously. Tertiary industy increases a value to hold whole town the proportion of total output value achieves 70% above, strategical the proportion that production value of share of burgeoning estate manufacturing industry holds gross value of industrial output rises 30% . 8. People living standard ris上海油压技师招聘水磨师傅es continuously. Town and country often live dweller average per capita can control income to grow respectively 8.2% with 9.3% , rural dweller income is added fast success上海娱乐水磨会所哪家好ive 8 years fast at town dweller. 9. Carry out with all one’s strength ” 3 big jobs, one big platform ” , shanghai from trade division new piece the area sets a company newly 4025, the 宝山大场水疗autograph makes an appointment with priority discipline 168, always invest 82.19 billion yuan. 10. Establish in Shanghai stock exchange division achieve board pilot register make successful fall to the ground. It is main support, good to cooperate to do in the round relevant job, optimize environment of fin上海宝山金钟桑拿关门?ancial modes of life and relation to their environment, carry out stimulative division to achieve an enterprise to develop ” Pu Jiangzhi is smooth ” the action. Accept 205 enterprises to appear on the market application, 70 companies appear on the market successfully, raise fund the forehead achieves 82.4 billion yuan. 11. Promotion G60 division achieves corridor energy level, aggrandizement zoology environment protects couplet to treat in all, cure of implementation long triangle keeps outpatient service cost direct settle accounts is enclothed completely. 12. By a year plan, inte阿拉爱上海同城对对碰论坛nt of accumulative total of the 2nd meeting that score gain clinchs a deal 71.13 billion dollar, grow 23% than first. 13. Open to the outside world the level rises ceaselessly, specified number of the capital outside setting amount of foreign capital project, contract newly, fact grows 21.5% respectively to foreign capital amount, 7.1% with 10.1% , center of research and development of headquarters of transnational corporation area, foreign capital adds 50 newly to mix 20 respectively. 14. “5 centers ” the function promotes in 爱上海同城论坛桑拿the round. Orgnaization of the finance that hold a card adds 54 newly, money market trades amount 1.933E15 yuan, grow 17.5% . 15. Electronic business affairs trades the forehead grows 14.5% , port total volume of trade continues to rank world city first place. 16. Handling capacity of Shanghai harbor container reachs forty-three million three hundred and three thousand level box, successive 10 years of worlds the first. 17. Exert oneself defeats solution ” grown-ups and children is old far ” difficult problem of the people’s livelihood, add service center of old people daytime newly 83 are mixed the place that aid eat 217. Build bed of provide for the aged 7202 pieces, rebuild bed of cognitive obstacle look after 1485 pieces, transform orgnaization of rural fragile provide for the aged 89. Nurse for a long time insurance service benefit reachs 493 thousand old people. 18. Hold young service in the palm to accelerate development. Build the system of general benefit safety, the service that hold Yo in the palm that holds young an organic whole in the palm energetically, new open holds Yo orgnaization in the palm 231, nursery school 37宝山500左右的荤场. Strengthen the service after the class inside pupil school further, open pupil love heat to hold a class in the palm 556. 19. Old division transforms big thrust to enter. Finish the city zone of 29 thousand 553 thousand square metre, centers to become a 2 form old in the following building is transformed, finish old housing of 11.84 million square metre to be transformed integratedly, house of neighborhood of 1.04 million square metre is reparative protection. 20. Add newly supply room of of all kinds safeguard 63 thousand. Build and change source of the room that rent 101 thousand, add acting classics newly to hire room source 128 thousand. Fulfil estate market adjusting control on福州金山哪里有桑拿店e plan normal grows one city effect mechanism, estate market maintains smooth health to develop. 21. Urban essence of life refines administrative effect to be shown continuously. Advance a city to move ” one network interconnected system is in charge of ” , city of the construction that start runs administrative platform system. Raise the administrative level such as civilized construction, finish 120.5 kilometers trolly wire to reach punish joining staff into the ground, the street town implementation of 93.4% is not had violate build found. 22. Begin road transportation to violate act deep integrated punish. Finish 56 traffic to embrace a node to transform, realize 258 public transportation circuitry to be forecasted in real time to station information. The landscape lamplight promotion of 45 kilometers water front transforms river of the Huang Pu that finish. 23. Exert oneself implements life rubbish regulation, residential area classifies the rate that amount to mark from 15% rise 90% , whole town is divided on average everyda上海悦榕庄spa多少钱y go out can reclaim content grows 431.8% , wet rubbish grows 88.8% , dry rubbish decreases 17.5% , harmful rubbish grows 504.1% , rubbish is filled bury scale from 41.4% drop 20% . 24. Advance Suzhou river environment integrated punish 4 period project, sewage treatment plant of harbor of the Bai Long that finish carries mark to transform with rain of 1434 residences village corrupt mix receive transform, bad V kind water system is nodded some from 18% drop 7.8% . 25. Build forest land 113 thousand mus, greenbelt green line of 1321 hectare, town 上海后花园1314凤农夫论坛is 210.1 kilometers, stereo afforest 全国桑拿会所洗浴信息406 thousand square metre. 26. Government affairs serves ” one net is connected do ” achieve new breakthrough. Make carry out public data to open way, build data to share commutative platform and economic society to develop first phase of comprehensive data platform. “One net is connected do ” total portal receives item to achieve 2261, handle affairs on the line 6.51 million. 27. “Double halve ” ” double 100 ” year job is overfulfiled, examine and approve item to refer material decreases on average respectively with conduction time limit 52.9% with 59.8% , whole town is connected do item and item of business flow give somebody a new lease on life to add 177 newly to mix 105 respectively. Be worth what carry is, when respecting rubbish classifies the job, ying Yong says, rubbish classification boosts fast, result big, those who lean is whole town arouses, the whole people is participated in, want to nod assist for whole town people, to greeting of whole town people!

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