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10 thousand reunion, demit is old in the day that see the New Year in, laborer of each battle on-line people still hardworking, Chao Qianxi watchful, stand fast post, main guardianship Shanghai exceeds big city this. The New Year’s Eve in the morning, li Jiang of secretary of municipal Party committee, ying Yong of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor heads for Ruijin hospital respectively, ” 12345 ” disease of citizen service hot line, city charges public or上海水磨会所攻略der of public security bureau of railway station of center, Shanghai, city total fleet, the pneumonic epidemic situation that checks infection of virus of new-style coronal shape is prevented during charging the job and red-letter day, the city guarantees the job, the broad ca上海水磨桑拿论坛dre worker that guards station to the value especially a gleam of is prevented accuse personnel to pay kind and condolatory. Li Jiang says, this year the Spring Festival particularly special, face the pneumonic epidemic situation that virus of new-style coronal shape affects, it is important to must carry out Xi Jinping’s secretary-general stoutly indicate spirit, mix people life safety stoutly healthy put in the first, can have the slightest amount or degree anything but paralytic and lax with fluky psychology, from beginning to end take up is safe t上海桑拿论坛 爱上海his bowstring, responsibility again squeezing ramming, beforehand case refine again, accomplish truly defend the territory of one’s country have duty, in the right way defending the territory of one’s country, defend the territory of one’s country responsible, with determined, science, strict prevent accuse act, ensure the city is safe orderly, society is stable and auspicious, make whole town people healthy set his mind at to spend the New Year. This year the Spring Festival, each medical personnel of large hospital on Shanghai abandons off arrangement in succession, stand fast respective post, guardianship citizen is healthy, be on guard beat back epidemic situation. Meanwhile, 3 batches of 405 Shanghai medical personnel already built up entirely on call, prepare Wuhan of Hubei of rush to the rescue at any time, partial comrade already was touched Chinese investment is prevented control the job. In the morning, li Jiang comes to college of medicine of Shanghai traffic university accessary Ruijin hospital, during checking the Spring Festival, go to a doctor ensures a condition, to nurse of on guard doctor kind say hello to, right whole 阿拉爱上海ai010xyztown the cure of medical personnel person take on to express devoir and acknowledgment with altruistic dedication. The pneumonic epidemic situation that Li Jiang listens to virus of new-style coronal shape to affect in detail is prevented accuse the job to report, thorough inquiry hospital is examined, the sieve is checked flow and defend, the act such as diagnosis and treatment. Hospital chief tells city the leader, already established management and group of clinical a gleam of, besides staff of first emergency call division that enters job of calorific outpatient service, breath division, infection div上海贵族宝贝姗姗ision, still called together complete courtyard clinical section office is made assist calorific door emergency call to discharge a plan, do safeguard of medicines and chemical reagents of good goods and materials and employee to defend, during the Spring Festival 24 hours are not had cease. Hear some medical personnel to be not considered on reunion coming home, stand fast a gleam of, li Jiang says, everybody with epidemic situation of real operation heal the wounded and rescue the dying, beat back, the person that revealed treat adequately benevolence heart. He exhorts everybody, face epidemic situation, want be ready in take action already, with height responsible manner has fulfilled respective obligation, become cure of good medical treatment hammer and tongs; Also want to take care of the body, the attention does good individual to defend, avoid to produce medical personnel infection with all one’s strength. The pneumonic epidemic situation that listening to infection of virus of shape of whole town new-style hat is prevented control the job after newest progress, li Jiang emphasizes, epidemic situation is a command, time is life, responsibility must squeezing ramming, prevent accuse to must reach the designated position. It is important that whole town each district, departmental door should carry out Xi Jinping’s secretary-general stoutly indicate spirit, fulfil joint defence couplet to accuse stoutly mechanism and group defend group control move. Should regain consciousness understanding, accurate hold epidemic situation change, enhance thinking of risk consciousness, bottom line further, next greater time, do one’s best. Want col reach, severe word pawn, severe and severe, execute more strict comprehensive platoon to check, control of the early-warning that monitor, precaution, seal a fountainhead, block to break transmission with all one’s strength, take strict precautions against spread, do not take dead space. Want to adopt more decisive canal to accuse measure, utmost reduces the public of existence risk to collect an activity. Should have done more carefully prevent control goods and materials and force reserve job, ensure the market is supplied. During wanting to continue to do good Spring Festival, lash-up value defends the work, fulfil hillock, fulfil a person, transverse arrive edge, fore-and-aft after all, 上海日式拉丝水磨服务solid and solid, fine and fine prevent each accuse act to fall to every link, fall to each fine point, accomplish truly enclothe completely, do not omit. Make concerted effort of whole town each respect, unity is strength, hit hammer and tongs win this tough battle. Close paragraph since time, “12345 ” hot line of Shanghai citizen service receives those who listen to the pneumonic epidemic situation that the citizen affects about virus of new-style coronal shape to seek advice, appeal and suggest kind of phone amount is apparent rise. Li Jiang comes to a center, look carefully at answer hear a case, listen to working flow report. A busy picture in word Wu center, the respondent sound with meticulous patience of word Wu personnel as one falls. Li Jiang will be on duty, the earphone on the belt is listened to in real time accept flow. Li Jiang says, in Shanghai such exceeding in big city, “12345 ” citizen service hot line is producing main effect. You are a society ” barometer ” , it is to go up the bridge ligament that affection amounts to on闵行哪有男士spa make known to lower levels, conditions or feelings of the lower levels, be government of join Party committee and citizen masses ” last kilometer ” . Want to produce oneself advantage, timely response society is deeply concerned, drive a problem actively to solve. Current, broad citizen is spent to the attention of epidemic situation very tall, want to strengthen the communication linkage with relevant section, the conduct propaganda that makes good policy step unscrambles the science with epidemic prevention knowledge to gain ground, arouse citizen masses is made from oneself, make beside, participate in jointly, p上海指压油压论坛revent jointly accuse. Had used to let more citizen masses put through ” 12345 ” , sign language attend a banquet, foreign language at上海静安会所 上门按摩spatend a banquet already also debutted in succession. Before video sign language serves attend a banquet, a personage audition barrier reflected his worry through video, accept a service center to handle affairs to community general affairs existence communicates an obstacle, whether referenced ” 12345 ” mode, establish service of video sign language. Li Jiang asks a staff member to say through sign language response, this proposal is first-rate, can ask relevant section to stud上海普陀徐汇桑拿会所y seriously, pay the blessing of New Year to broad citizen and disabled friend. Center of control of Shanghai disease precaution is entire already member arouse, working overtime t上海莞式桑拿水磨会所he job. Ying Yong comes to a center all right, condolatory staff member, look carefully at central lab on the spot, communicate even the line with the staff member that undertaking virus nucleic acid detects. Ying Yong asks science does good epidemic situation effectively to prevent accuse, formulate is careful prevent accuse measure, directive basic level has been begun prevent control the job. In total fleet of public security of city public security bureau, during Ying Yong checks the Spring Festival, public securit2019上海油压店y is prevented accuse, cooperate to do good disease to prevent accuse to wait for working circumstance. Chief says, public security policeman cooperates relevant section to be in Shanghai the channel is round-the-clock strengthen an examination, rely on wisdom public security to build achievement to promote the job efficiency. The branch such as public security of Ying Yong requirement does the safety of the passageway that enter Shanghai such as good airport, dock, station to prevent jointly accuse, do good safety and epidemic situation to prevent at the same time those who accuse is double evaluate, do good epidemic situation to prevent with strong move accuse. In Sha会所水磨干磨区别nghai railway station and terminal of long-distance passenger transportation, passengers are wearing guaze mask orderly pull in queueing up waits. City leadership comes to terminal of long-distance passenger transportation early or late, orbit traffic 3, office of 4 lines station, the railway station awaits car division temporarily. Relevant unit installed temperature monitoring point and medical treatment to seek advice from service dot. Medical personnel says, once discover tempera静安云庭spature is unusual person, undertake information is registered immediately, send appoint hospital observation. Railroad Shanghai station was installed new-style and medical infra-red heat resembles appearance, can measure accurately automatically to the passenger lukewarm. Ying Yong exhorts the staff member does good temperature to sift check, ensure deal with discovery of as soon as possible, effectively, become good place at the same time ventilated disinfection measure, express to express sympathy and solicitude for to worker of staff member of temperature monitoring桑拿论坛 point and medical affairs, epidemic prevention, pay the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day to bless to public security policeman, armed police. City leadership Chen Yin, Zhuge Yujie, Gong Daoan, Zong Ming, Shang Zhiping attends relevant examination to express sympathy and solicitude for.

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